Foreign investor: LVMH - Berluti

Berluti - luxury footwear and accessories brand for men - is owned by the French multinational LVMH. The company is present in Emilia-Romagna since 1993 (Maison Berluti), and started in 2015 a new important investment - the plant of “Manifattura Berluti” - located in Gaibanella in the province of Ferrara. The plant counts 311 employees in 2022, compared to the initial 250, and has been built meeting environmental and energy efficiency standards, consistent with the sustainability objectives shared by the company.

In order to get specialised and qualified skills, in Italy the Manifattura Berluti promotes the men’s footwear program of IME LVMH (Institut des Métiers d'Excellence) in the same location in Gaibanella, in partnership with Académie du Savoir-Faire Berluti, in collaboration with the Centoform training institute and with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region and European funds. The aim of the Academy, founded in 2012, is to strengthen the link with a territory with a strong footwear tradition and to create permanent and qualified employment. Since the opening of the Academy, the training course has received over 3,700 applications, with 345 students admitted, of which 220 have been recruited.

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