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The international recruitment campaign promoted by it-ER Careers ends after 6 weeks with the application of 300 young developers of software and IT platforms living abroad, including Italians. 263 have entered the shortlist to be selected for 16 job offers already consolidated from 11 regional companies. So far, 4 hirings have already been confirmed and 4 final evaluations are ongoing. Most of the applications came from boys and girls living in Serbia, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Brazil and Croatia.

Between Piacenza and Rimini, three subjects providing employment services (Ifoa, Centoform on behalf of the IDEA Association and Cis Formazione on behalf of Farmindustria) are supporting the 11 regional companies that need this professional profile: Imola Informatica Spa (Imola, Bologna), Elements Srl, (Cesena), Quix Srl (Modena), Mark One Srl, (Cesena), Teko Telecom Srl (Castel San Pietro Terme, Bologna), Optit Srl, (Bologna ), Onit Group Srl (Cesena), Unitec Spa (Lugo, Ravenna), Horta Srl, (Piacenza and Ravenna), Rfmcube Srl (Bologna) and AVL Italia Srl (Cavriago, Reggio dell'Emilia). In September the initiative will be open to 15 more companies, offering further opportunities.

The international campaign has been promoted by it-ER Careers, the regional program to bring foreign talents to Emilia-Romagna region, but also Italians living abroad. The program is managed by ART-ER. Website: