In October 2023, the Japanese multinational Mitsubishi Chemical acquired 100% of the CPC group based in Modena, thus completing the acquisition of 44% that began in 2017. The transition of the Modena-based company to the Japanese group coincides with the start of an expansion plan worth about 350 million euros to be completed by 2025.

CPC Group has been specialized for 60 years in automotive components in CFRP-Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer, a strategic sector within the Emilia-Romagna Motor Valley. CPC's development program aims to expand the group's production capacity of composite components which, from a niche product for racing cars and hypercars, are becoming an industrial-scale application for all hybrid and electric mobility, thanks to their characteristics related to lightness and resistance. In detail, the investment plan envisages the expansion of the industrial area with the recovery of dismissed warehouses, the construction of new buildings, the improvement of the surrounding civil spaces (parking lots, cycle paths, green areas, etc.), classrooms for internal and external training (technical institutes and universities), a "business hotel", new plants that will increase the company's carbon fiber molding capacity by three times, the creation of a Research Centre for materials innovation and for the use and reuse of carbon (in partnership with the Regional government and the universities).

CPC also received funding of about 1.5 million euros from the Emilia-Romagna Region through the 2022 call for proposals of the Regional Law 14/2014 for the "promotion of investments". In particular, the ongoing R&D project - worth 3.6 million euros – concerns the "Development of an innovative, automated, intelligent and high-efficiency production process of automotive components in composite material”.


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