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On the Business Register of the national Chamber of Commerce, Emilia-Romagna reported 785 innovative start-ups (October 2016) and ranked as the second Italian region in absolute terms (source:, Italian).

Italia Start-Up Visa - (English, Italian)
The Italian government supports the creation of innovative companies with a Start-Up Visa (for foreign entrepreneurs) and the Start-Up Law (for innovative companies).

Emilia-Romagna Start-Up - (Italian, English)
Emilia-Romagna Start-Up is a portal devoted to the creation of innovative companies in the region. On-line services include: business consultant, labour consultant, patents expert, environment and safety. There is also a section on the financing opportunities available in the region (Italian)


Emilia Romagna in Silicon Valley - (Italian, English)
Emiliaromagnainsiliconvalley is the portal of the internationalization support programs for startups, companies and operators of the regional innovation ecosystem in the Bay Area. Since 2015, the Emilia-Romagna Region (through the Consortium ASTER) set a base in San Francisco to support startups in their internationalization process and in their approach to the Silicon Valley mindset.

Make-ER – the digital manufacturing network of Emilia-Romagna - (Italian, English)
Mak-ER is the first Italian regional network for digital manufacturing, including Fab-Labs and other organisations that can provide an alternative to traditional methods of production and the organisation of work. The Mak-ER network aims to combine the organisational flexibility of individual members with a critical mass that enhances their visibility and ability to participate together in large-scale strategic projects.

Finance-ER - The Finance Market Place for innovative start-ups in Emilia-Romagna - (Italian)
FINANCER is a service-based platform where start-ups, business ideas, and growing SMEs looking for capital and financial resources can: submit their business plans to the regional investment community, find support for improving the structure of their plans and make them more “investor ready”, receive an advisory report about their business plans, containing information and advice.

R2B Research to Business - (English, Italian)
R2B is an international exhibition dedicated to industrial research and innovation that seeks to match the results of research with the demand for innovation from enterprises. It is also a showcase and springboard for innovative start-ups. Additionally, R2B is the place where national and international research bodies meet and create new partnerships.



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